Protei Wins 3rd Prize in VIDA 13.2 Competition

Protei has won third place in the Vida 13.2 Art & Artificial Life International Competition. The project, represented by Cesar Harada will receive €8,000 and will be part of an exhibition in Madrid.

V2_ is delighted to announce Protei’s victory. Harada’s international team worked on the oil-spill-cleaning sailing drones at V2_ in Rotterdam last summer. Protei was shown to the public in an exhibition as part of Festival Wereld van Witte de With.

The Spanish-South American telecom company Fundación Telefónica has held the international Vida competition since 1999. Until 2011, it focused exclusively on artificial life art projects, but the organization has decided to open the competition to work of a more interdisciplinary nature in light of the dynamism and broadening of the field.

“The hybrid forms of the artistic proposals recently submitted to VIDA, and the transformation of the discipline of Artificial life itself, have prompted us to consider new issues, such as the rising importance of simulation in both social life and the life sciences. VIDA has been broadening its reach by remaining interested in A-life inspired projects and also expanding: VIDA seeks artistic projects engaged with any dynamic living process that has been affected by simulation.”

The jury on Protei:

"The objective of Protei is the global, distributed, and interdisciplinary development and production of a series of self-governing ships equipped with a structure that acts in environmental disasters, especially in the case of oil spills. Launched after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the Protei team seeks to spread these mechanisms in all the Earth’s seas, as a way of raising awareness and establishing a global alliance that promotes their regeneration and the removal of polluting materials and human waste."

"This project illustrates the global concern about impending environmental disasters caused by humans, showing the confluence of science, design, art, environmental activism, and an open code ethic that believes that an interdisciplinary alliance is the way to improve our environment."

Source: http://www.fundacion.telefonica.com

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