Raumklang at The Grey Space

Raumklang, an installation by Zeno van den Broek and Robin Koek – a co-production of V2_Lab – is presented at The Grey Space, The Hague.

Raumklang is an installation by Zeno van den Broek and Robin Koek co-produced by V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, that creates a location-specific sound architecture. The installation invites visitors to experience invisible 4-dimensional objects in space which they can only perceive through hearing. Zeno and Robin will work on the project during a week-long mini residency at The Grey Space, before presenting a try-out version of the installation as part of A Three Fold.

13:00-21:30 Zeno van den Broek + Robin Koek – Raumklang (ongoing installation)
17:00-21:00 Leanne Wijnsma – Sensing CO2 (ongoing installation)
21:00-21:30 Maika Garnica + Senne Claes – Cirrus
21:30-22:00 Sebastien Robert + Mark IJzerman – As Above, So Below
22:00-00:00 DJ (to be confirmed)

More info and tickets via https://thegreyspace.net/program/a-three-fold-28-08-2021/

Raumklang is co-produced by V2_ and supported by STEIM and the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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