Alex Adriaansens Residency 2021: Rosa Menkman

Rosa Menkman is the recipient of the 2021 Alex Adriaansens Residency.

We are proud to announce Rosa Menkman as the recipient of the 2021 Alex Adriaansens Residency. Menkman will use her time and resources offered by V2 to further her understanding of the 'latent image,' which is part of a larger research into impossible images. She works towards formalizing a theorem on the latent image through interdisciplinary methods including a series of expanded interviews with scientists, workshops and finally a video work.

Menkman writes: 'The latent image is supposed to be a space of possibility, a space in which an image can take shape after the inherent affordances and settings of the image processing technology are resolved. Researching the latent image involves the study of the what resolution means in the field of digital image processing and the delineation of the field of what possible and impossible. If the space of the "latent image" has, in reality, become a fragmented space of stacked, predetermined actions and affordances, consolidated into resolutions, what types of stacks govern the different image ecologies of these latent image spaces?'

Rosa Menkman

Rosa Menkmans work focuses on noise artifacts that result from accidents in both analogue and digital media (such as glitch and encoding and feedback artifacts). The resulting artifacts of these accidents can facilitate an important insight into the otherwise obscure alchemy of standardization via resolutions.

The standardization of resolutions is a process that generally imposes efficiency, order and functionality on our technologies. It does not just involve the creation of protocols and solutions, but also entails the obfuscation of compromises and the black-boxing of alternative possibilities, which are as a result in danger of staying forever unseen or even forgotten.

Through this research, which is both practice based and theoretical, Menkman intends to uncover these anti-utopic, lost and unseen or simply "too good to be implemented" resolutions -- to find new ways to understand, use and perceive through and with our technologies.

In 2011 Menkman wrote the Glitch Moment/um, a little book on the exploitation and popularization of glitch artifacts (published by the Institute of Network Cultures), co-facilitated the GLI.TC/H festivals in both Chicago and Amsterdam and curated the Aesthetics symposium of Transmediale 2012. She was part of the curatorial team of Sonic Acts (2016-2017).

Between 2012-2014) Menkman curated four exhibitions that together illuminated the different ecologies in which she sees glitch (art) developping (filtering failureglitch genealogiesglitch moment/ums and Tactical ᴳlitches - the latter one together w/ Nick Briz).

In 2015 Menkman started the institutions for Resolution Disputes [i.R.D.], during her solo show at Transfer Gallery New York. The i.R.D. are institutions dedicated to researching the interests of anti-utopic, lost and unseen or simply "too good to be implemented" resolutions. As an undertone, the show featured a showcasing of different complexities in compression (lines, wavelets and blocks).

In two follow up exhibitions, Behind White Shadows (2017) and Shadow Knowledge (2020) Menkman developed and highlighted the politics of resolution setting further, which finally resulted in a second book titled Beyond Resolution (i.R.D., 2020). 
In 2019 Menkman won the Collide, Arts at CERN Barcelona award, which came with a 3 month residency that inspired her recent research.

From 2018 - 2020 Menkman was Vertretungs Professor Neue Medien & Visuelle Kommunikation at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

The Alex Adriaansens Residency

The Alex Adriaansens Residency is a new residency in honour of our former director and co-founder Alex Adriaansens. Every year, The Alex Adriaansens Residency is awarded to an artist whose work explores the aesthetic potential of the materiality of technical media, in line with Alex Adriaansens' fascination for the interaction between matter and media. The residency will give an established artist or designer the possibility to conduct a year-long research into the material basis of our digital culture.

The Alex Adriaansens Residency consist of a stipend plus materials, travel and accommodation expenses, a workspace at V2_, and curatorial, managerial and productional support by the V2_ staff.

The Alex Adriaansens Residency is supported by Gemeente Rotterdam.

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