Screen Time Clock at Forum in Groningen

Helmut Smits' Screen Time Clock is on show at Forum Groningen.

Dutch text

Screen Time Forum is een klok van beeldend kunstenaar Helmut Smits, ontwikkeld voor Forum Groningen in samenwerking met V2_Lab for the Unstable Media.

De klok is ontworpen om vreemden met elkaar te verbinden via de achtergrond van hun smartphone en geeft elke minuut een inkijkje in iemand anders leven.

Hoe werkt het?

Bekijk welke timeslots vrij zijn.
Maak een screenshot van het vergrendelscherm van je mobiele telefoon met de tijd van een van de beschikbare timeslots.
Upload je screenshot en wijs het toe aan het tijdslot van de minuut waarop deze is gemaakt.
Je screenshot komt in de wachtrij en wordt - wanneer er plek is - zo snel mogelijk geplaatst.

Zie: screentimeclock.forum.nl/


Very happy to share with you my newest artwork commissioned by @forumgroningen. It’s a clock that you can be part of.
Go to https://screentimeclock.forum.nl/ to upload your screenshot.

Screen Time Forum
Screen Time Forum is a community clock connecting people through their mobile backgrounds. Participants are invited to take part by making a screenshot of their mobile device lock screen and submitting it to the corresponding time slot on the website. The submitted images are then compiled and presented, each being displayed for the single minute at which they were taken. The outcome is a clock that each minute reveals a glimpse into someone else’s life.

Screen Time Forum is a new development of the Screen Time project I created in 2019, which until now only existed online. This new physical version designed for the Forum, a multifunctional public building in Groningen, will allow the brief one-minute windows into someone's life to be even more public.

The digital 24 hour slide show of peoples phone screens is shown on a 75 inch screen which is placed in the middle of a typical public space giant clock face. Instead of the hands ticking, the public submissions will flick past each minute and tell anyone looking what time it is.

Commissioned by: @forumgroningen
Concept: Helmut Smits
Production: @arttenders_projects and Niek Mager
Software development: @janmisker
Graphic design: g2k
Screen Time Forum was made possible by the Traders' Association Groningen anno 1847 and the @mondriaanfonds

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