Seiko Mikami (1961–2015)

Seiko Mikami 2004

Seiko Mikami (1961–2015)

Seiko Mikami, an internationally-acknowledged artist and professor of Information Design Department at Tama Art University, Tokyo suddenly passed away of cancer with the age 53 on January 2nd.

With great sadness we read about the passing of Seiko Mikami who has been a visiting artist at V2_ for several exhibitions and talks over the past 20 years. She was an inspiration for the V2_ team because of her exceptional works. She had a big impact on many young artists in Japan as well as in Europe and the US who were fortunate to see and experience her work and presentations. Her impressive work will hopefully be on view in the future so new generations can be inspired by it.

On behalf of the V2_ team

Alex Adriaansens


From www.idd.tamabi.ac.jp/art/obituaries/20150113/

Seiko started her career in 1984 with huge installations to express "Information Society and Body". In 90s she lived and studied in NY, and since 1995, has actively produced cutting-edge interactive works at Canon ARTLAB, NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC), and since 00s at YCAM, her works have been shown in many countries worldwide.


Seiko was a charismatic and energetic, at the same time very frank and communicative, and had always various people around her. We believe Seiko will alive vividly in our memories and keep inspiring us.

Kazunao Abe, Sota Ichikawa, Yukiko Shikata
January 13rd, 2015

V2_ related archival links

"World, Membrane and the Dismembered Body" (1998) is an installation by Seiko Mikami.


"Gravicells" (2004) is an installation by Seiko Mikami and Sota Ichikawa. It was shown at DEAF04.


"Molecular Clinic 1.0" (1995-1996) is a web project by Seiko Mikami.


'Molecular Informatics ver. 2.0' (1996), is an interactive work by Seiko Mikami in which eye tracking creates morphogenic substances on a screen.


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