Selected Projects Summer Sessions 2012

A brief introduction to the projects selected for Summer Sessions 2012.

V2_Lab received many proposals for this year’s Summer Sessions by artists from all over the world. Four projects where selected by the Lab team for the residencies this summer. Maybe a fifth project will be added later. We would like to thank again all the artists who submitted their project proposal! A brief introduction to the selected projects: 

Selected projects:

Carina Hesper - Portrait Series

The installation Portrait Series (working title The Unseen) is an interactive portrait. The work explores a traditional format in photography and painting – the portrait – and combines it with interaction. Inspired by the famous and enigmatic glance of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Hesper will create a portrait in which the eyes of an androgynous model follow the viewer from every angle or point of view. 

Constantijn Smit - N0things 

An increasing number of AR apps promise to add layers of seemingly crucial information and detail to what we see. Deducted Reality (working title) by Constantijn Smit aims to do the opposite. The project consists of a ‘conceptual’ smartphone app, which deducts layers of data and detail from the reality in front of us. By running the app and pointing your smartphone at what you see, a ‘reduced’ reality will appear on the display. The reduced information, or abstracted shape can then be added to a public database. An ever-changing dynamic database which is defined by the input of the users and feeds back seemingly important yet also meaningless data to the user.

Jon Stam and Simon de BakkerBioscope

Inspired by an early movie projector of the same name, the Bioscope is a medium to experience memories in relative time. It consists of a hand-held device, to be viewed with one eye, which resembles an old film camera. By rotating the handle the digital movie is animated frame by frame, forwards or in reverse, relative to the speed and direction that is used to turn the dial.

Bioscope demands users to actually (and manually) engage to see a movie. The act of seeing is subjectively constructed through each frame and view.

Tom Verbruggen (TokTek)Module #2

Module # 2 is a wooden, handmade four-step sequencer, able to wirelessly transmit four MIDI notes. The sequencer is powered by a steam engine. Standing on a white pedestal in the middle of an exhibition space, it sends four MIDI signals to a laptop. Once the wooden, steam powered mechanisms of the sequencer are activated, sound patterns resonate in the space.

The first version, Module #1, can be viewed at http://toktek.org/Site/Module_1.html

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