Sentient City is published by The MIT Press

Sentient City - Ubiquitous Computing, Architecture, and the Future of Urban Space

Sentient City is published by The MIT Press

The book, Sentient City, is published by MIT Press and edited by Mark Shepard himself.

You will remember Mark Shepard from the "Summer Sessions" he attended as an artist in residence at V2_ in 2010.
During his residency he developed a series of projects, a set of artifacts, as part of his research project; the "Sentient Survival Kit", including the Serendipitor; an iphone app that allowed the urban dwellers to experience the chance factor in their overly structured everyday lives. 

His curatorial work, organized by Architectural League of New York, exhibited these projects under the title of Toward the Sentient City. Now, the projects themselves, documented and illustrated in great detail and supported by a number of  essays written by prominent thinkers, is available for the curious readers.

The book, Sentient City, published by the the MIT Press and edited by Mark Shepard himself, will also feature a heat sensitive cover.

sentient city heat sensitive cover




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