September Festival Highlights

Festival audience at DEAF2012

September Festival Highlights

Highlights from the 2012 editions of Ars Electronica, GOGBOT, Transnatural, PICNIC, Wereld van Witte de With and TodaysArt.

Festival Ars Electronica

August 30 – September 3
Ars Electronica Centre, Linz

Ars Electronica 2012 is bringing together models that can serve as paragons and best-practice examples from art and science that offer inspirational demonstrations of how an open-minded way of looking at a larger whole not only reveals more of it but also brings totally new insights to light. How can a Big Picture of our times be composed and what strategies are conducive to being able to see and take it.

Festival tip: Whisper Down The Lane, by V2_’s Sebastian Frisch is part of the film program. A Q&A about his film project is scheduled at August 31 at 13:00 Brucknerhaus.



September 6-9, 
Various locations, Enschede

GOGBOT 2012 is all about Meme’s: cultural genes evolving in our digital surroundings. On 4Chan, 9gag, Dumpert, FOK, Facebook, etc, films and pics are nonstop being mixed, modified and shared within popular culture. Gogbot presents workshops, music, exhibition and a symposium.

Festival Tip: Friday September 7 Pussy Riot Tribute Night, Oude Markt, Enschede.



September 7 – October 7 (Exhibition)
Nemo, Amsterdam 

The Transnatural program includes workshops, music & performances, a conference and an exhibition. The theme for the third festival is The state of Autonomy. The core question: how can we apply our technological knowledge without infringing upon nature? How far can we push the limits and how can we act within them? The programme focuses on autonomous beings, systems, processes, materials and more that are able to – be they organic, man-made or hybrid – act independently.  Will they be able to support our desire to communicate worldwide? Transnatural presents a couple of V2_ projects like Protei by Cesar Harada and the international Open Sailing Crew, Oil Compass by Kasia Molga and Jurema Action Plant by Ivan Henriques

Festival tip: The Human Equalizer [T.H.E. 1.0], an interactive audio-visual installation by Bram Snijders presented by FIBER festival (Music & Performance program).


Festival Wereld van Witte de With

September 14/15/16
Witte de Witshtraat, Rotterdam

Rotterdam is hosting the 13th edition of the three-day art festival De Wereld van Witte de With, presenting the best of the city’s arts and culture: visual art, architecture, theatre, dance, film and music. The backdrop for this festival is the public space, but this year the street has been cast in an unusual role. Under the title The Street – Live Issue! the festival reveals that the street is far more than simply an element of urban design. It is an integral part of the city’s social and cultural fabric. V2_ presents Unmanned by Jordan Crandall as part of Festival Wereld van Witte de With. 

Festival Tip: The grand opening party on Friday will be in the V2_ building! The doors between NRC Café, Scapino and WORM will be opened. 



September 17/18
Eye, Amsterdam

PICNIC Festival 2012 will be an international gathering of approximately 3500 professionals representing business, technology, government and non profit, education and the creative industries. This years festival theme: New Ownership: The Shift from Top Down to Bottom Up “We live at a moment when the entire structure of power that held the world together is now disintegrating. And this is happening at every level of society.” PICNIC is partners with DEAF2012

Festival Tip: Daan Roosegaarde is speaking at the Kick Off Crossover Session at September 17, 15:45. Cesar Harada also talks that day about Open Hardware in Cinema 1. 



September 21/22 
Spuiplein, The Hague

TodaysArt is a festival concept that revolves around the presentation and development of adventurous contemporary visual and performing arts. Since its inception in 2005, the festival has amplified and celebrated the current creative climate and has brought international artists, thinkers and audiences to The Hague. By consistently offering a high quality, diverse and inspiring program, TodaysArt retained the position as one of the world’s most accessible art, music and technology festivals.TodaysArt is partner of DEAF2012 and was involved in the music program.

Festival Tip: Anarchy Dance Theatre + UltraCombos by Seventh Sense, a performance with dancers interacting with beautiful interactive projections. 






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