Sophie Stone on Dante Boon's 3x3

A text by Sophie Stone about Dante Boon's 3x3-concerts was published in Tempo.

Sophie Stone, a composer of experimental music, wrote about her experience listening to all three of Dante Boon's 3x3 concerts of 2020. The text was published in Tempo, a magazine published by Cambridge UP 'to document the international new music scene while contributing to, and stimulating, current debates therein.' If you are within the academic paywalls you might be able to access the article 'Dante Boon, Six Melodies (2020), 3×3 Concerts 5 June, 3 July and 7 August 2020' here.

She concludes: 'For me, what makes Boon’s online installations special is the agency he gives to the listener and the involvement they have in the process of the music. As well as the sounds of the series being my preferred aesthetic for listening, Six Melodies being comparable to the quiet, sustained, and sparse sounds of Antoine Beuger’s carthamrosa (2003), I am fascinated by how the series is extended beyond what is encountered by the audience. There is an unknown within Boon’s experimentation, and one feels as if they are looking in to or joining a process, particularly in the first two instances. There is no clear beginning or end.'

Full citation: Stone, S. (2021). Dante Boon, Six Melodies (2020), 3×3 Concerts 5 June, 3 July and 7 August 2020. Tempo, 75(296), 90-92. doi:10.1017/S0040298220001199.

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