"Starting to feel more like a real workshop!"

Although it’s been a short week in Holland, the protei team knows no days off! For the past two weeks the team has been working really hard to set a comfortable and creative environment for the development of the protei 006.

A big table has been constructed with the help of Mathew Lippincott from Oregon, a storage cage was set for the team to make sure that their equipment and valuable items were safe. Also some cooking facilities were set for the team members to literally get some ‘food for thought’!

Besides organizing the extreme makeover, the protei team went on brainstorming, drawing and setting up three sub-groups that will research and develop three different shape-shifting hulls. The three sub-groups have been intensively working on the designs and by the end of this week three mechanical principle prototypes will be developed according to the protei team:

1. Spine-based hull, moving around a flexible axe

2. Hollow hull, actuated by its surface

3. Pneumatic, entirely actuated by pressure transfers

The protei team is looking for some serious action, as these three prototypes will be tested in real conditions at the end of the week!




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