Streaming the sky from Rotterdam

V2_ is streaming a skyview from Rotterdam for the installation "Escaping to another" by Chinese artist Biin Shen.

Biin Shen's installation Escaping to another is part of the exhibition The Planetarian, which runs from 4 November 2022 till 29 November 2022 at 751 in Beijing, China. The exhibition is commissioned by 751 and curated by Anouchka van Driel and Anne Zhou.

"Escaping to another" is a live stream installation created during the epidemic by Biin Shen. It consists of a hanging screen in a dark space, that continuously shows skies from different cities in real-time, thus composing a mixed reality landscape between the machine and the imagination, thus composing a mixed reality landscape between the machine and the human imagination.
There is a Chinese proverb: “Before the body moves, the mind is already far away”(身未动思已远), which means that the physical body is still in place, but the mind is already set free to wander through time and space. Sit, and lift your head to feel the clouds of London or Tokyo pass overhead, listen to familiar sounds from another city and you will feel being carried a thousand miles away for a moment.

It is an imaginary space in real-time. Live streaming is the only technique used in this work, with the aim of creating an alternative *reality* on top of the current one. Similar to the sea, the sky is a domain where reality merges with the unreal. It is here that time and space give rise to free imagination and alternative sensory experiences. Even in non-pandemic times, as we travel or live in different parts of the world, the sky simultaneously evokes the contradictory sensations of a bounded place as well as endless space.

Watch the livestream at www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufY3El5nDa4

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