Summer Camp on Master Craftsmanship

Smart Textiles Summer Camp

Summer Camp on Master Craftsmanship

A selected group of textile designers, DIY hackers and E-Textile experts have been invited by The Swedish School of Textiles to discuss the role of craft in wearable technology. This 4-day hands-on workshop explored the topic of ‘Future E-Textiles Master Craftsmanship’. V2_ was present with four delegates from the eTextile Workspace.

From 13th to 17th of June 2011, The Swedish School of Textiles organized a five days long Smart Textiles Summer Camp with the theme of ‘Future E-Textiles Master craftsmanship’. Twenty experts from the field of Textile design, E-textiles, Wearable Technology Art and Interaction Design gathered from all over Europe to share their knowledge and skills, and discuss how Master Craftsmanship is importnat for the field of Wearable Technology.

During these five days, eight skill-share workshops were held, in which selected participants lead the workshops and shared their specialized techniques in intermediate-expert level. These skill-share workshops covered from weaving, knitting to electro plating. In the evenings, several discussion sessions took place, covering the topics of documentation/passing on trades, the future of smart textiles and the complexity of the analogue world.
The camp ended with a day and a half of intense collaborative project work, in which participants split into groups based on their areas of expertise and interests (textiles design, performance, craft and interaction design). Each group was asked to continue the discussion on the theme and develop a prototype that communicates the idea.

The Smart Textiles Summer Camp was a unique event, in a sense that all experts spent literally five days and night together working, discussing, eating and sleeping together. Yes, we really “camp”-ed together.
The camp was hosted at The Rydal Design Center, outside of Boras city area where there is a lot of nature and silence.

Watch the video (by Piem Wirtz) for an impression of the Summer Camp: 

Summer Camp Rydal (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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