Summer Sessions 2009

This summer, V2_Lab will organize three brief themed residencies for young artists, focused on augmented reality, wearable technology and ecology.

The point is to allow these artists to spend six weeks working with tools recently developed in the Lab. The arrangement has two functions: it gives the artists an opportunity to work with our new technologies and the developers a chance to evaluate the tools they have made. Project managers will serve as “producers” during the Summer Sessions, guiding the artists-in-residence from concept to final result. 

The residencies will overlap as much as possible, so as to foster an active working atmosphere in the Lab and interaction between the artists.

Summer Session 2009

During the summer of 2009, Melissa Coleman, Tarik Barri and David de Buyser were invited to develop their project proposals.

The resulting works were presented in September at the Test_Lab: Summer Sessions, which took place twice, at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, and then at V2_ in Rotterdam.

Melissa Coleman developed Media Vintage (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) which integrates memory into wearables. Charlie (below) reads fabric punchcards which tell stories from an old man's life.

Tarik Barri's synaesthetic project II was developed with on his own software Versum. The outcome can be seen as 'dancing' with an avatar and other couples alike, who together compose/play the audio-visual space.

David de Buyser's project Vertical Irrigation System (part of Acoustic Mirror_Moss) uses technology to nurture nature; this project-part specifically senses when to water his vertical indoor-plants.

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