Summer Sessions 2014 Selection

selection of projects realized in 2013 (screenshot Summer Sessions website)

Summer Sessions 2014 Selection

These are the artists who have been selected for a Summer Sessions residency in 2014.

This summer six artists will gather at V2_ and work hard to realize five projects that were proposed by them for the Summer Sessions 2014: the duo of Iris & Cedar, Chi Po-Hao, Juan Salas Carreño, Niklas Adam, Joseph Hughes, and Maarten Hunink. The fruit of their work will be presented in September at a Test_Lab.

Current list of projects selected for a Summer Residency 2014 (with the provisional titles):

Iris & Cedar: China Heart
sponsor: Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, CN
host: V2_, Rotterdam, NL

Chi Po-Hao: Phonosynthesis
sponsor: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
host: V2_, Rotterdam, NL

Juan Salas Carreño
sponsor: Revolver Galeria, Lima, PE
host: V2_, Rotterdam, NL

Niklas Adam: Reverie (imaginary connections)
sponsor: PNEK, Norway
host: V2_, Rotterdam, NL

Joseph Hughes: A sketch for the future
sponsor & host: V2_, Rotterdam, NL

Maarten Hunink: On how to learn to love nothing
sponsor & host: V2_, Rotterdam, NL

Máté Pacsika: Automatic Vertigo System
sponsor: V2_, Rotterdam, NL
host: Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, CN

Jalila Essaidi: Building blocks of umwelten
sponsor: Baltan Laboraties, Eindhoven, NL
host: University of Antwerp, BE

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