Summer Sessions Residents for 2021

We are proud to present this year's Summer Sessions residents. We will keep you updated on their progress over the course of this summer.

These are the Summer Sessions residents for 2021. During this Summer they will have two month to work on a new project, in residence at one of the Summer Sessions partner organisations. At V2_ the Summer Sessions will kick-off on 19 July. (Behind the names is the organisation that selected the resident).

Gill Baldwin (V2_)
Oana Clitan (V2_)
Leo Scarin (V2_)
Jeisson Drenth (V2_)
Kaan Yazici (V2_)
Juan Carlos Reyna (Espronceda)
Ludovica Lotito (Sineglossa + Kilowatt)
Marta Romanelli (Sineglossa + Kilowatt)
Kirill Zakomoldin (Winzavod)
Sara Persico (Sardegna Teatro)
Diogo Vaz (Tabakalera)
Rocio Agudo (Tabakalera)
Wei-Chia Wu (NTMoFA)
Thu Trang Ha (Schmiede)
Eduardo Ruiz (Hangar)
Mario Mu (Metamedia)

Summer Sessions

The Summer Sessions are short-term residencies for young artists organized by a network of cultural organizations all over the world. The Summer Sessions offer a highly productive atmosphere with production support and expert feedback to jumpstart your professional art practice. The result is a pressure cooker in which you develop a project, from concept to presentable work, ready to show.

Partners for 2021 (facebooklinks): Espronceda, Schmiede, Sineglossa, Sardegna Teatro, Tabakalera, WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center, Hangar.org, Udruga Metamedij, 國立台灣美術館
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