Talk to Meme

'Talk to Meme' is a chat game developed by the Rotterdam-based designers Mona Lisa's in which you can play the role of the latest meme characters.

Talk to Meme is an encounter between two latest meme characters Karen and Justine and you can play them. This chat game allows you to get really close, becoming drawn into the story of the meme. The goals of this game is to "become" the given character.

Talk to Meme is developed by the Rotterdam-based designers Mona Lisa's (Kim de Groot and Barry de Bruin). Mona Lisa's work revolves around activating creative consciousness with the aim of freeing yourself and each other from moral, normative, social, political constraints. A prototype of Talk to Meme was featured at the Evening of the Memes, October 2020. Jan Misker helped out with the development.

In Talk to Meme the Karen meme is used to visualize, imagine and criticize a social figure. Karen personifies the debate around white privilege and racism. Karen is a memetic weapon in the battle against white privilege. She fears black people, she won’t wear a face mask, and she screams at Starbucks employees. She knows her rights and acts upon them. Justine is a social justice warrior, fights for universal rights for animals. She believes that women and the LGBTQ community are oppressed. Both are getting triggered easily... find out by playing the game. > talktomeme.monalisa-s.org

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