Test_Lab Intimate Interfaces: a photo report

Lucy McRae presenting at Test_Lab

Test_Lab Intimate Interfaces: a photo report

Focused on technology-mediated bodily intimacy, a particularly crowded Test_Lab edition showcased and put 'to the test' a number of recent artistic ventures into the realm of tangible interfaces. Here, some photo impressions of the event.

Is true technology-mediated bodily intimacy only science fiction? How can new technologies, innovative materials, and the human body together shape and inspire new forms of interpersonal engagement? The last edition of Test_Lab: Intimate Interfaces tried to bring up fresh views on technology-mediated physical intimacy, by putting 'to the test' a number of recent artistic explorations in the realm of tangible interfaces. The innovative Bare Skin Safe Conductive Ink, Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat's 'Tele_Trust Data Veil', and a special preview of Studio Roosegaarde's ongoing project 'Intimacy', were presented and tested. 'Body architect' and artist Lucy McRae, and philosopher and media theorist Franco Berardi opened the evening with their lively presentations. Below, a photo report of the evening (all photos by Jan Sprij)



Opening Franco Berardi 02


 Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat demonstrated the Tele_Trust Data Veil. Trying the Data Veil on is definitely an intimate experience!


Lancel and Maat 'testing' the Data_Veil   Presentation Tele_Trust04
Isabel Lizardi and Matt Johnson, two of the founders of Bare Conductive LTD, presented the Bare Skin Safe Conductive Ink. Two dancers helped demonstrating such 'tech-magic', mesmerising the audience.
 Matt presenting the Bare Skin Conductive Ink Bare Skin Conductive Ink demonstration


The final demonstration featured a preview of Studio Roosegaarde's latest project, 'Intimacy'. Aided by model Kimora (@Jimmy Models), Daan Roosegaarde introduced the first prototype of the 'Intimacy' dress, designed by Maartje Dijkstra.


'Intimacy' dress activated by the public


A closing debate informally brought together artists, presenters and public around the 'Intimacy' catwalk.

Final Discussion

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