V2_ and The Clipperton Project

Karolina Sobecka goes on an expedition in the Peruvian Amazon with support of V2_. It will result in an artwork concept and a voyage report for a forthcoming ebook.

The Clipperton Project organises research and education programmes, expeditions and exhibitions all around the world, all with one ultimate objective, which is using exploration to energise and empower active citizens. The Clipperton Project has planned a boat expedition on the Amazon River, beginning in Iquitos, Peru, in October 2014. Jon Bonfliglio, founder of The Clipperton Project notes of the expedition: "...the Amazon is just another word for the unknown, and the unknown is terrifying to us. Our challenge is how we negotiate this space; how we make the void more tangible by degrees. I would encourage you to read nothing in advance; to arrive without preconceptions. To land as though you have just arrived into the world for the first time, to breathe the air, to see a different face..."

In collaboration with V2_ curator Michelle Kasprzak, it has been arranged that artist Karolina Sobecka (PL/US) will be onboard this expedition as part of a mixed group of artists and scientists. After the expedition, Karolina will develop a proposal for a new artwork based on her reflections onboard, interactions with crewmates, and impressions of Iquitos and the Peruvian Amazon. Karolina's proposal and reflections will be released in a V2_ eBook in November. Plans are underway to then commission and present this proposed artwork as part of Espacio Fundación Telefónica Lima's 10th anniversary celebrations in 2015, and later touring to venues in Europe, including V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


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