The Media on The Progress Trap

Jonas Vorwerk's outside installation at DEAF 2014

The Media on The Progress Trap

Here's an overview of some of the media attention for the 2014 DEAF Biennial.

Domeniek Ruyters wrote a review of the exhibition for Metropolis M: metropolism.com/reviews/de-terreur-van-het-i-woord/

On Sunday 25 May Kunstuur, on Dutch public television features The Progress Trap exhibition: www.npo.nl/avro-kunstuur/25-05-2014/AVRO_1657549

And (in English) an interview with Julie Mecoli: thecreatorsproject.vice.com/nl/blog/these-bitumen-sculptures-melt-like-molasses

RTV Rijnmond interviewed Michel van Dartel on The Progress Trap: www.rijnmond.nl/nieuws/21-05-2014/festival-progress-trap-geopend-rotterdam

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