Unveiling Protei_006

The Protei international team

Unveiling Protei_006

Protei_006, the first full-scale prototype sailing robot that could clean oil spills in the ocean was unveiled for the first time to the audience at the press conference that took place at the Protei team’s workshop last Friday September 2nd 2011.

It is incredible what the a combination of diverse elements like art, engineering, community building and a vision to help the environment recover from environmental disasters could result in! Should we put all these together and on top of this add inspiration, passion and enthusiasm, we have the Protei project produced this summer by V2_!

Protei_006, the first full-scale prototype of the sailing robot that could clean oil spills in the ocean was unveiled for the first time to the audience and the press last Friday September 2nd at the Protei team’s workshop. Attendees of the press conference had the opportunity to watch an explicit video explaining the project, the innovative properties and attributes of Protei_006 as well as its significance for the environment and especially the contribution it can make in the "battle" against oil spills.

On Friday evening, Cesar Harada and the international Protei team were ready to present what they have been working on during this summer artist in residence program with so much devotion. After the projection of a video made by Toni Nottebohm, documentarist who was keeping a video journal of the team throughout the summer, Cesar presented Protei_006 as well as the prototypes that were made before the first full-scale one. This way, visitors could see the gradual development of Cesar’s initial idea. All guests seemed to be impressed not only by the innovations born throughout the project but also by such an international and diverse team that worked really hard to make Protei_006 a reality! The press conference was followed by dinner with the team, in a warm atmosphere at the Hofman & Zonen project space which hosted the team for three months. A perfect ending to an exciting day! 

After its first unveiling, Protei_006 will be exhibited at V2_ during the World of Witte de With festival on September 9th, 10th, 11th 2011. Visitors will have the chance to have a close look at Protei_006, see it moving with its special articulated hull as well as have an overview of the previous prototypes starting from the inception of Cesar’s idea until today. Last but not least, guests will have the chance to contribute personally to the fight against oil spills by helping Protei_006 be further tested in the sea and under real conditions on the oil spill in the North Sea!

Protei_006 is not done after the Wereld van Witte de With festival - this summer was just the beginning!



Protei - The Making Of .. by Piem Wirtz (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.

video: Protei - The Making of.. by Piem Wirtz, 2011


The Protei artist in residence project is supported by the city of Rotterdam.

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