Two Smart Hybrid Forms Events at Waag

Waag in Amsterdam presents two Smart Hybrid Forms events on 1 and 3 November.

The Tomato, Basil, Cucumber | International symposium takes place on Tuesday 1 November 2022 at Waag from 10:30–15:30h. On Thursday 3 November there's Waag Open: Secret Lives of Plants from 19:30–23:00h.

Tomato, Basil, Cucumber | International symposium

As one of the concluding events of the two-year Smart Hybrid Forms research project co-hosted by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Rietveld Academy, V2_, Zone2Source, and Waag, we are organizing an experimental symposium titled 'Tomato, Basil, Cucumber' during which we will attempt to lay bare the multiple ways people know and understand the humble vegetable.

Vegetable production could be considered the hidden frontier of technological futures at which values of wide-reaching societal and environmental effects are negotiated. The invited speakers-participants come from a variety of (professional) fields associated with plants, food or agriculture, but the point of entry and main reference for our discussion will be their particular experiences and practices with vegetables.  

Throughout the 5-hour guided session we will collectively contextualize the field of vegetable production while focusing on how different practices impact the ontology of produce: how do ways of relating to veggies change according to who/what is caring for them and how they are eaten? What are the political implications of salad production? What counter-cultural connotations can overtly technological relationships to these companion plants bring?

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Waag Open: Secret Lives of Plants

Plants: we eat them, you might have them in your living room and they enliven our streets. What do we actually know about the lives of plants? Of playful plants in the wild on the one hand, and on the other hand technically influenced, fast growing greenhouse plants to feed humanity’s ever-growing hunger. But also think of how plants adapt to an ecology that is ever further influenced by technology and how they develop their own, ‘rewilding’ after being domesticated.

Are you curious about the blurring distinctions between nature and culture? Come to Waag and experience with art-science artists how plants communicate, not only amongst each other, but also with you. We start off with talks and then go into hands-on experiments.

Artists and researchers Špela Petrič and Christiaan Zwanikken will present their works about the intelligence of plants and about plants in hyper gravity. Hyper gravity is able to stimulate plants at a cellular level and changes the physiology in interesting ways, with a sculptural outcome. It is a result of their collaboration in the Smart Hybrid Forms project.

19:30 – 19:40 hrs: opening Lucas Evers (Waag)
19:40 – 20:15 hrs: talk Christiaan Zwanikken (subject to changes)
20:15 – 20:40 hrs: talk Špela Petrič
20:40 – 21:10 hrs: Q&A
21:10 – 22:00 hrs: Cucumber conversations and basil hyper gravity: hands-on public experiments
22:00 – 23:00 hrs: Drinks

The participation and talk of Christiaan Zwanikken is dependent on the making process of the artwork, which is completely dependent on the ‘cooperation’ of the plants. Zwanikken may be joining through a live stream from the exhibition location Het Glazen Huis, from the project partner Zone2Source.

More info: waag.org/en/event/waag-open-secret-lives-plants/

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