V2_ at Transmediale 2011

Transmediale is on (February 1-6) and V2_ has lots to present; installations, books and a complete new Agency... we think you should not miss out on these events when you are in Berlin.

Arjen Mulder is having his book launch at Transmediale on Sunday February 6 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt

"From Image to Interaction".


"Marshall McLuhan predicted this in the early 1960s. The elec- tronic age, he said, would return human beings educated and pro- grammed by literature to an acoustic space predating the intro- duction of the written word, to a time when people relied entirely on intuition and a holistic experience of the global process: every- thing was connected to everything else, but if you relied on your feelings you would not get lost. In the age of the Internet (which McLuhan envisioned organically, as a nervous system spanning the earth), in an environment of computers and networks, pattern recog- nition functions as intuition did for our distant ancestors.22 But today, acoustic space is not only filled with sounds that reach the in- dividual from all sides and connect him or her to the outside world, as in the past; the electronic sphere is also filled with text, images, signs and other forms of content that, as the oft-used metaphor has it, bombard us with information. How can we survive this sensory onslaught? Simple, McLuhan said: by becoming as mythical as we were in the beginning."

-"From Image to Interaction" by Arjen Muller




 Speaking of Marshall McLuhan, V2_'s new curator Michelle Kasprzak will be chairing a panel on Thursday February 3, at transmediale.11 Festival as part of the European-wide celebration of McLuhan's 100th anniversary.

They will release a special edition of McLuhan's 'COUNTERBLAST' text.

It's limited so we think you should act quick.






We also have Mark Shepard's nomination for Transmediale Award 2011 with Serendipitor , an alternative navigation app for the iPhone that helps you find something by looking for something else. What's more is you'll have the chance to try out this app if you catch him on Saturday February 5.

Serendipitor is is a component of the Sentient City Survival Kit, a project of Creative Capital and was developed at V2_Lab as part of a joint artist residency with Eyebeam Art+Technology Center. 






Last but not least comes the V2_ Agency catalogue launch!

NIMk Distribution and V2_Agency collaborated on the production of a shared catalogue of represented artworks, and curated a small showcase of works from this collaborative catalogue for the transmediale.11 festival. The showcase aims to introduce the two distribution services (V2_Agency and NIMk Distribution), and present selected artworks to the Dutch and international audience of transmediale.11, to media art professionals, curators and program makers.

To present the shared catalogue, NIMk and V2_ will hold a special drink and reception on Friday, February 4. The reception will host a performance by artist Constant Dullaart (NL).






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