V2_ in 2013

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V2_ in 2013

What’s V2_ future, what are we going to do in 2013?

In 2012 V2_ was, like many other cultural institutions. confronted with quite a vision-less cultural policy, which led to a cultural wasteland in the Netherlands. According to the ministry of Education, Culture and Science the projects of V2_ are no longer part of the arts, they are part of what is called Creative Industries. All institutes for e-culture are grouped together in a predominantly economically motivated programme that looks for efficiency in creativity and the arts.

V2_ continues however as an international hub for the arts and design, in which the boundaries of contemporary arts in a technological culture are explored. A development which has been the focus of V2_ since 30 years, and is still at the heart of society.

Due the financial cuts V2_ has less to spend. But also in 2013 we will organise challenging public events, like the successful Test_Labs and Blowups. V2_ will present at least one large exhibition in Rotterdam, as well as several smaller events. The lab will carry on as a place for artist-in-residencies (like the summer sessions), and as a place for research and art productions, often in collaboration with international partners. V2_ continues to publish books, both in printed and electronic format. And V2_ is totally committed to the DEAF biennial, of which the next edition is planned for 2014.

For those who know V2_ well, the lab has moved to the ground floor. The third floor of the building will be occupied by the CBK (Centre for the Visual Arts) of Rotterdam. The financial restructuring of V2_ meant we had to say good-bye to quite a few people who have worked hard over the past years and made V2_ into what it is now. Simon de Bakker and Artm Baguinski now pursue their own careers, V2_ hopes to have the opportunity to collaborate with them in the near future. Joris van Ballegooijen, who used to do the PR, is now secretaris/grant officer e-Cultuur with the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. Mercedes Langhorst now works for the IFFR. V2_ continues a collaboration with the e-textile project of Piem Wiertz, but she will be at the arts academy of Utrecht and the design academy Eindhoven. Sofia Bustorff who did an amazing job archiving video and other material over the past four years, is now in Brussels.

Now that the reorganisation is done, we are looking forward to the upcoming projects. Check our website regularly to keep updated on our projects, or, become friends on Facebook if you prefer that. There are also many video’s of past events on Vimeo. Be surprised! Just like we continue to be pleasantly surprised by the project proposals we receive from artist and designers.

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