V2_ mentions elswhere

Always nice to point you to content elsewhere which somehow has a connection to V2_.

For instance, episode 15 of the Art & Obsolescence podcast is about Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Art & Obsolescence writes: 'Rafael has been making both intellectually and technically challenging work for decades, and in this chat we’ll hear about his roots as young artist working in experimental performing arts, learning from his mentor Dick Higgins, building a robust studio that employs over fifteen engineers, artists, coders, and we’ll hear about some hard-earned lessons in selling and caring for time-based media art.' Indeed Lozano-Hemmer mentions 'I did Body Movies as a big shadow play with V2_ in Holland.'

Listen here.

Shape Platform recently published an interview with Mark IJzerman and Sébastien Robert. IJzerman is now working on a STARTS4Water-residency with V2_. He was also a Summer Sessions resident, selected by V2_ to do a residency at  Art Center Nabi in Seoul, South-Korea. The title of the interview is '‘Cultural appropriation is something we both take very seriously.’

Read the interview here.


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