At V2_lab we've been working on Augmented Reality and various tracking technologies. Over the years we've accumulated lots of experience with the use of these tracking systems and we tested various different setups. The last couple of weeks we've been working on opening our tools and redesigning them in such a way that they would become easier to use. Opening our tracking tools in such a way that everybody who's interested should be able to use the tracking tools available at V2_lab.

Currently we've equipped the V2_Groundfloor with the Hexamite position tracking system. This is an absolute position tracking system that allows us to follow the position of several tags. Currently we can follow up to eight different tags over an area of ten by seven meter. One of these position tags is equipped with an orientation sensor. This means you know where the tag is looking to in space.

The Hexamite position and orientation system can find the position of objects in a three dimensional space, but we support tracking in a two dimensional space. We build a multi-touch table top tracking device of a meter in diameter. This table can be used to track multiple fiducal markers and fingers.

During the design of our tracking system we took care that all our systems speak the same language so to speak. Tracking data can be received through the OSC message protocol and in structured in the TUIO protocol. This makes it relatively easy to combine the movement of your finger with someone else his position in space.

So if you have interesting ideas on how you can use position tracking in your Max/MSP patch, Unity3D, Ableton Live, Processing or any other software you prefer send us an email at tracking@v2.nl and we will contact you to see how we can help you.

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