Vertigo System in Shanghai

The Chronus Art Center in Shanghai presents the Summer Sessions residency project of Máté Pacsika.

Vertigo System (2014) is the Summer Sessions residency project of Máté Pacsika which he developed at Chronus Art Center in Shanghai. It will be presented there on the 24th of September 2014.

Vertigo System is based on the automatization of a cinematographic technique called Dolly Zoom. Also know as Vertigo Effect named after Hitchcocks movie from 1958. Vertigo effect is an in-camera effect based on a really simple optical game. It’s a highly unsettling effect with strong emotional impact, often used to emphasize dramatic events in the storyline. Based on this effect Máté Pacsika developed a new work automatizing the vertigo effect and transfering into a realtime process.

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