You Can't Automate Me at IFFR

One of the premières at the Rotterdam Film Festival in June 2021 is the film 'You Can't Automate Me' of Katarina Jazbec. The film is the result of a project she worked on during a Summer Sessions residency at V2_ in 2020.

During her Summer Residency at V2_ Katarina Jazbec did extensive research in the harbours of Rotterdam, and amongst others collaborated with the sjorders (lashers /stevedores) that do the heavy physical work. 'You Can't Automate Me' was presented as an installation at V2_, subsequently as an online project at the Rotterdam Film Festival in Feruary 2021, and now, in June 2021 it premières as a film.

There's a good interview with Katarina Jazbec on the site of Vers Beton: https://versbeton.nl/2021/05/de-laatste-mens-in-de-haven/

You Can't Automate Me at IFFR: iffr.com/nl/2021/films/you-can't-automate-me

More on Katarina Jazbec: www.katarinajazbec.com

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