News on V2_ related events and activities.

Kunstmatig Podcast on TMITC

Arie Altena — Dec 22, 2020

The fourth episode of the podcast Kunstmatig is about care and robots, and pays attention to the exhibition To Mind is to Care. The podcast is in Dutch.

Lancering NADD Live

Arie Altena — Dec 16, 2020

Op 17 december is de lancering van het Netwerk Archieven Design en Digitale Cultuur live online te volgen.

V2_ part of Network for the Archiving of Design and Digital Culture

Arie Altena — Dec 09, 2020

Together with several other organisations V2_ has been involved in the process of setting-up a network with the aim of taking care of the archiving of design and digital culture. On the 17th of December 2020 this network, NADD, will be officially ...

Lancering Netwerk Archieven Design en Digitale Cultuur

Arie Altena — Dec 09, 2020

Op 17 december 2020 wordt het Netwerk Archieven Design en Digitale Cultuur officieel gelanceerd met een online programma. V2_ was betrokken bij de oprichting van dit netwerk en is één van de 'leden' ervan.

Anatomies of Intelligence

Arie Altena — Dec 03, 2020

Anatomies of Intelligence is a project by Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus, which they initiated at V2, and have now developed as a new 'digital theatre’ platform for performing remotely.

Summer Sessions at Tabakalera

Arie Altena — Dec 03, 2020

Mecánicas Forzadas (‘Forced Mechanics’) by visual artist Oihane Iraguen, and experimental luthier Jonathan García Lana ‘Tunipanea’ is the result of Tabakalera’s first-time participation in the Summer Sessions residency programme.

Mandy den Elzen in Stuffed

Arie Altena — Nov 19, 2020

Mandy den Elzen, who was a participant of V2_’s MEAT UP is now part of the documentary 'Stuffed' on Dutch television.

Nicky Assmann receives the 2020 Witteveen+ Bos Art+Technology Award

Arie Altena — Nov 19, 2020

Nicky Assmann receives this year's Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award.

Nino Gontcharova: VPRO Pioniers

Arie Altena — Nov 17, 2020

Nino Gontcharova was one of the Summer Sessions residents of 2020. Now her work is nominated by the VPRO Pioniers-project.

Lancel Maat: VPRO Pioniers

Arie Altena — Nov 17, 2020

Touch my Touch by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat is also part of the 'Pioneers'-project of VPRO's Tegenlicht.

Marlot Meyer: VPRO Pioniers

Arie Altena — Nov 17, 2020

Also the project LIMB-O that Marlot Meyer developed at V2_ during a Summer Sessions residency is nominated by the VPRO.

Isaac Monte: VPRO pioniers

Arie Altena — Nov 11, 2020

You can vote for Isaac Monté's Prosthetic X at the site of Tegenlicht of the Dutch broadcasting organization VPRO.

Looking back at the Raumklang residency

Arie Altena — Nov 11, 2020

Zeno van den Broek and Robin Koek look back on their stay at V2_, where they were working on Raumklang.

Bas van Beek interviewed by Parool

Arie Altena — Nov 02, 2020

Artist-designer Bas van Beek who made the design for the exhibition 'Van Thonet tot Dutch Design' at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam was interviewed by the Amsterdam newspaper Parool.

Isaac Monte at Dezeen - DDW talk

Arie Altena — Nov 02, 2020

Isaac Monté talked about Prosthetic X – which developed from experiments at V2_ – at the Dezeen x Dutch Design Week 2020 talk on 21 October 2020.

Summer Sessions 2020 at Points

Arie Altena — Oct 20, 2020

About the 2020 Summer Sessions residencies at Points Center for Contemporary Arts, Kunshan City, China.

Interview with Jacco Borggreve in NRC

Arie Altena — Oct 20, 2020

Dutch newspaper NRC published a long interview with Jacco Borggreve on Monday 19 oktober.

Connecting the Archives

Arie Altena — Sep 30, 2020

V2_ participates in the network with the aim to connect archives of digital culture.

V2_ and UNart

Arie Altena — Feb 03, 2021

V2_ contributes content to the magazine of UNart on technology and art.

Museu Zer0 residency selection

Arie Altena — Sep 27, 2020

Four artists have been selected for the 2020 joint residency of Museu Zer0 and V2_.

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