News on V2_ related events and activities.

Don't Code Just Stitch

Piem Wirtz — Nov 19, 2009

The Lab is currently working on the first series of modular patches. The basic creative philosophy behind the patches is driven by a simple mantra: “Don’t Code Just Stitch”. We don’t focus on highly skilled engineers but offer an ...

Wearable Sound Experiment

Piem Wirtz — Nov 29, 2012

May 16 and 17, 2009, V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media held a 2-day workshop on wearable technology lead by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson aka Kobakant.

V2_Lab Marnix de Nijs in SchoolTV

Piem Wirtz — Jun 19, 2020

First episode of Kunstlicht (TELEAC/NOT) on art, technology and science features V2_Lab and Marnix de Nijs.

Embroidering Conductive Thread

Piem Wirtz — Jun 23, 2009

For Aram's residency I did an experiment to find out if an embroidery machine can handle conductive thread. This test was performed at Waag Society Fablab, Amsterdam.

Having Coffee

Piem Wirtz — May 13, 2009

Just finished the first text-experiment with the Tweet Shirt for Aram’s residency. I wrote the word “having” (coffee…) to start with.

Thermochromatic Experiment

Piem Wirtz — May 06, 2009

During 17 until 19 February 2009, Aram Bartholl visited our newly renovated lab for his Artist-in-Residence project. The purpose of his visit was experimenting with the test materials we got and deciding on the path to take. We have been ...

Spitzenkorper Opening at DSM Urmond

Piem Wirtz — Jun 19, 2020

David Castanheira and Jan Misker attended the opening of the Open Launch Platform at DSM in Urmond.

Cutout Circuit Board

Piem Wirtz — May 06, 2009

For a transparent touchpad in textile we needed to create circuit boards that are thin, small, easy to mount on a textile substrate and more or less flexible. To create such a circuit board we started to experiment with cutting copper foil on the ...

Smart Fabrics Conference 2009

Piem Wirtz — Dec 28, 2009

10, 11 and 12th of March, Simon de Bakker and Piem Wirtz visited the 5th annual Smart Fabrics Conference in Rome. Three days packed with presentations about wearable technology.

Finished Wireless RFID

Piem Wirtz — May 06, 2009

For Aram’s residency, Simon de Bakker finished the wireless RFID boxes.

Watch That Sound tool, Beta version realized

Piem Wirtz — Jul 05, 2010

V2_Lab worked on a software tool for the educational project "Watch That Sound", initiated by Jacques van de Veerdonk. "Watch That Sound" aims to introduce young people to the world of music, sound effects, and film, through workshops in which ...

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