News on V2_ related events and activities.

V2_ at China International Import Expo week in Shanghai

Arie Altena — Nov 28, 2019

Boris De Backere and Florian Weigl were present at the China International Import Expo week in Shanghai, representing V2_.

Exhibition at UNArt on TV

Arie Altena — Nov 13, 2019

Chinese television showed a short clip of the opening of Latent Spectators.

Minke Nouwens at Points

Arie Altena — Nov 04, 2019

Minke Nouwens finished her Summer Sessions residency at Points, Kunshan (China) with a joint exhibition with Dana Lovett.

Jan Misker and Carina Hesper at Points

Arie Altena — Nov 04, 2019

Jan Misker and Carina Hesper are currently in China. From 4 November on they do a residency at Points Center for Contemporary Art, Kunshan.

2019 Summer Session: Evelina Rajca at Points

Arie Altena — Nov 04, 2019

Evelina Rajca Summer Sessions residency at Points, Kunshan City.

UNArt blogpost on V2_

Arie Altena — Oct 28, 2019

UNArt published a long blogpost about the event with V2_.

75 Watt at MoMA

Arie Altena — Oct 28, 2019

Revital Cohen and Tuur van Balen's work 75 Watt will be on show at the MoMA galleries in New York.

Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand receive 2019’s Witteveen+ Bos Art+Technology Award

Arie Altena — Sep 26, 2019

The artist duo Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand are this year’s winner of the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award.

Presenting V2_ in Shanghai

Arie Altena — Oct 14, 2019

Michel van Dartel and Florian Weigl give a presentation on 28 September about V2_ at UNArt in Shanghai, inaugurating the new collaboration between UNArt and V2_.

Florian Weigl at Schloss Ringenberg

Arie Altena — Sep 19, 2019

Florian presented the Summer Sessions residency program in Germany.

The Alex Adriaansens Residency: Martin Howse

Arie Altena — Jul 25, 2019

Martin Howse is the recipient of The Alex Adriaansens Residency 2019.

TeleAgriCulture Project

Arie Altena — Sep 05, 2019

TeleAgriCulture_ Rhizomatic Bias. By Julian Stadon, Erik Overmeire, Daniel Artamendi and V2_.

V2_+Museu Zer0 Residency Presentation

Arie Altena — May 16, 2019

On the 17th of May 2019 there's an informal presentation of the results of the V2_+Museu Zer0 residency at Museu Zer0, Portugal.

Selection Museu Zero V2_ Residency

Arie Altena — Mar 27, 2019

Four artists have been selected for the V2_ + Museu Zero Residency 2019.

Trendbeheer on Johannes Langkamp

Arie Altena — Feb 11, 2019

The Dutch art blog Trendbeheer featured a piece on Johannes Langkamps solo exhibition 'Sun Tracing'

V2_ at Operator Radio

Arie Altena — Mar 02, 2021

V2_ hosts a show on Operator Radio on Thursday 7 February.

A Tribute to Alex Adriaansens at Transmediale

Arie Altena — Feb 01, 2019

Transmediale has organised a Tribute to Alex Adriaansens on Friday 1 Feb 2019.

Closed for the Holidays

Arie Altena — Dec 21, 2018

V2_ will be closed during the Xmas holidays. Orders placed at the online store between December 22nd and January 6th will be dispatched on Monday January 7th.

Announcement: The Alex Adriaansens Residency

Arie Altena — Dec 13, 2018

A new residency in honour of V2_'s former director and co-founder Alex Adriaansens.

Zoro Feigl wins the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2018

Arie Altena — Oct 29, 2018

Kinetic artist Zoro Feigl has won the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2018. His solo exhibition at the Bergkerk in Deventer, the Netherlands, opens on 1 November.

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