Coronavirus response

Our response to the global spread of coronavirus.

If we’ve learned one thing from the global spread of Covid-19, it’s that the crisis can’t be addressed simply by patiently waiting until it blows over. Along with courageous health care professionals and strong political leaders, we need artists and designers to help us cope with and understand the complexity of this crisis and to feed our imaginations as we reflect on its course.

Therefore, rather than putting everything on hold while we wait for better times, V2_ is committed to putting its unique position within the field of art and technology to immediate use. Despite the restrictions on physical movement and social gatherings, we aim to mobilize our community of practitioners, institutional partners, audiences and readers to advance insight and imagination regarding the current situation and to help our ecology thrive rather than crumble under its impact.

Over the next couple of months, or however long it takes, we will:

1) continue to produce new work in collaboration with artists and designers, starting with the redevelopment of our residency program for talent development into a virtual form;

2) continue to publish research on the intersection of art, new media and media theory, granting free access to research of particular relevance to the current situation;

3) continue to curate public events that involve online audiences in artistic and design research, such as the upcoming online edition of 3x3 with Isaac Monte, and ones that exhibit our research outcomes, such as the themed online exhibition We=Link: Nine Easy Pieces, whose global opening will take place on March 30; and

4) dive deep into our archive to revisit ideas and work from 35 years of activities that may hold new relevance today, such as our work around computer viruses, telepresence and autarky.

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