220V Electro Clips

The second program in the 220V series, "220V Electro Clips" featured "Interfacing Realities", a conference about architecture and interfaces, and Christian Möller's installation "The Party Effect."

220V Electro Clips

event flyer

Aug 1995
Aug 1995
location: Museumpark / V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10

This program was the successor of 220V Klankpark (1994) in the 220V series and would be followed by 220V Robotics in 1997.

During the opening of the installation, there was a special performance by the Dutch artist Arthur Elsenaar. The sounds of a radiostation controlled the muscles which determined Elsenaar's facial expressions in the work Ontvanger.

The Electro Clips program also featured Interfacing Realities, a conference about architecture and interfaces.

During 220V Electro Clips, in August 1995, Christian Möller presented his installation The Party Effect in Rotterdam's Museumpark.


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