220V Klankpark

The first program of the 220V series, "220V Klankpark" was an exhibition of sound objects that merged nature with culture and technology.

220V Klankpark

220V Klankpark (detail); photo: Jan Sprij

Aug 1994
Aug 1994
location: Museumpark, Rotterdam

This exhibition of sound objects, held in the Museumpark, referred to the tradition of sound sculptures in the beginning of the 20th century and to the computer era where image and sound are reproduced and manipulated into intangible 'streams' -- from the Dadaists and Futurists, who implemented sound machines near factories, on the streets, in theaters, to amplified trees where loudspeakers could make you hear the streaming of their saps. In 220V Klankpark, sounds of birds, trees and water merged with cracks and bleeps from computers. Nature and culture blended into neo-nature.

With works by Ron Kuivila (USA), Ennio Bertrand (I), X-Space (A), Francisco López (E), Ken Montgomery (USA), John Hudak (USA), Laboratory of Art & Technology (NL/GB/RUS), Alex Adriaansens (NL), and Jan-Peter Sonntag (D).

220V Klankpark was part of Rotterdam Summer Festivals and was supported by the Mondriaan Foundation and by Rotterdam Festivals.

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