3Dimension Expo

The exhibition 3Dimension Expo was a three week exhibition, with installations, performances and music events.

3Dimension Expo

3Dimension Expo poster

Jun 1985
Jul 1985
location: V2, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

For the exhibition a quote by Junius, pseudonym for an unknown 18th Century writer, was chosen: "The feather that adorns the royal bird supports his flight, strip him of his plumage and you pin him to the earth (De veer die de koninklijke vogel siert, draagt zijn vlucht. Ontdoe hem van zijn verenkleed en je nagelt hem aan de grond)."

The exhibition comprised nine individual artists and artist collectives: Bart Chabot, Annemie van Kerckhoven, Danny Devos, Jon de Jong, Ret Marut, De Zesde Kolonne, Koen de Keijzer, Koen Theys, Lukas Simonis, Strafe für Rebellion (Bernd Kastner and Sigi Syniuga). The artists where selected on their diverse backgrounds, and most had collaborated with V2 before.

Additionally to the exhibition, several music events were organized: the evening Experimentele Muziek (June 22) had Ad van Iersel, Ad van Buuren, Wikke 't Hooft and Ret Marut perform. The following week a music performance with 35 mm film projections by the Slovenian group Laibach (June 28) took place, of which a live recording was released called V205. During the opening Ret Marut and Lukas Simonis gave a concert. At the finissage Ret Marut, Cas de Marez and 6e Kolonne gave a concert.

A booklet and cassette were made as a report, and released as V206. It contains photographs and audio recordings which were made during and around the 3Dimension Expo.







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