3rd I - Program at MK Gallery, Rotterdam

The 3rd I project took place simultaneously at the MK Gallery Rotterdam and at the DCC - Dutch Cultural Center during the World Expo 2010 Shanghai. The exhibition could also be visited and online where one culd control small cars that acted as robotcams that you could drive around in the exhibition in Shanghai.

Aug 2010
Sep 2010
location: MK Gallery, Witte de Withstraat 53, Rotterdam

For the 3rd i project, under the World Expo's motto "Better City, Better Life", Christina and Graham Smith  worked with and encouraged artists, architects, students and pupils from China and the Netherlands to present their views of the future of their cities, for which they built models of their ideal cities and discussed their ideas of the future in video portraits. These models were exhibited in Shanghai, but in the parallel exhibition in the MK Gallery, visitors could control the 3rd i robots at the Shanghai exhibition from Rotterdam, and virtually visit the Shanghai exhibition.

Visitors should come to MK Gallery in the morning: the time difference between Shanghai and Rotterdam implies a live link is only possible from 9:00 to 13:00/14:00.

Next to steering the 3rd i robots in Shanghai, visitors could meet their Chinese counterparts through the Web Booth at the Telepresence Cafe, and watch Couscous Global’s video interviews with the workshop participants.

Next to the 3rd I project, V2_ organized an exhibition and a series of presentations by Dutch and Chinese artists, curators, combined with international guests, all of which have been involved in collaborative projects. These presentations took place every Wednesday and Friday.



Beside the 3RD I exhibition (onine with Shanghai), V2_ presented the following installations and screenings at MK Gallery. The galery was designed to function as an information hub, a social meeting space as well as an exhibition space. Beside the works that were exhibited people could also see an overview of the magazine Urban China that over the years has documented and researched the fast development of Chinese cities and urban cultiure.

Chinese Portraiture, Zhou Hongxiang (CN), interactive video art installation, 2006

Overdue, Jin Shan (CN), installation, 2009

Red Flag Flies, Zhou Hongxiang (CN), video installation, 2002

Compilation of Chinese video art, by Li Zhenhua (CN), 2010

CityOneMinutes, collaborative video project, 2010


Li Zhenhua Films 2 cityoneminutes Last Experimental Flying Object


V2_ hosted a special China program at MK Gallery during the exhibition with presentations on  Wednesday and Friday starting at 20.00. 

August 20: Institute for Provocation, presentation by Els Silvrant (BE), and Speedism / Rotten Drone Temple Doom Rock by Pieterjan Ginckels (BE) and Julian Friedauer (DE);

August 22: Sunday Brunch with good food and a live connection to the exhibition in Shanghai;

August 25: Urbanian Pavilion by Herman Kossmann (NL), and WATW by Bas Vroege from Paradox (NL);

August 27: P.A.P.A. by Lino Hellings (NL) and Modernity to Modernization: Chinese Media art since 1988 by Li Zhenhua (CN);

September 1: Project-presentation City One Minutes by Sophie Leferink and Jos Houweling, presentation of The Patchingzone by Anne Nigten (NL);

September 3: Happy Street by John Körmeling (NL) and Chinese Urbanism by Shuo Wang (CN);

September 4: Finissage with Martijn Sanders (NL);



General Information:


Mk Gallery, Witte de Withstraat 53, Rotterdam

Exhibition: 9:00-17:00, closed on Mondays, free entrance

Presentations: 20:00 on Wednesdays and Fridays, free entrance

Brunch: 12:00 on Sunday 22, reservation needed, € 14,50

Finissage: September 4, 15:00, free entrance


For more information on the 3rd I exhibition in Shanghai, Rotterdam and to participate online:


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