5th. Internet of Things & Built Environment MeetUp

V2_ gives the floor to the 5th Internet of Things meet-up, this time focusing on Ethics & Privacy.

Apr 2016
17:00 to 20:30
On Saturday, April 9, 2016,  the 5th. Internet of Things & Built Environment MeetUp will take place at V2_. This year the focus will be on Ethics & Privacy. This day, WW-IoT-day, will give attention and above all provide discussion to the important issues of ethics and privacy in an increasingly networked world; in particular our built environment.
Starting at 19.00 hrs. there will be a great line-up of speakers, all known within and/or outside their discipline for their attentive, sometimes critical attitude towards technological developments which, in particular in these topics, remains crucial.
Listen to: 
  • Rob van Kranenburg, initiator/founder of Council, Sociotal. 
  • Ben van Lier, Director Governance& Innovation at Centric.
  • Linda Kool, senior researcher at Rathenau Institute.
  • Justin McKeown, Ass. Prof. York St. John University.
  • Gerd Kortuem, Prof. Computing, TUD
Enough time will be provided between the presentations for discussion as well as a debate at the end, all moderated by Leon van Geest. The final program will be available soon. The number of visitors is limited to 70 persons. Before this evening the HR will organize a hackaton at their venue at the Wijnhaven, as well as a similar event at the WdKA. Registration via the MeetUp-website is required: 
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