6th Internet Of Things & Built Environment Meetup

The Internet of Things & Built Environment MeetUp Group Rotterdam gathers once again for the 6th. annual MeetUp.

6th Internet Of Things & Built Environment Meetup

Philip Beesley, Hylozoic Ground, 2010 Biennale Architecture Venice.

Apr 2017
12:00 to 16:00
On Sunday April 9, 2017, the 6th. Internet of Things & Built Environment MeetUp will take place at V2_. This day, WW-IoT-day, will give attention and above all provide discussion to the important issues of ethics and privacy in an increasingly networked world; in particular our built environment. This year's theme is ''Art & Imagination'.
Artist Joseph Beuys once stated that everybody is an artist; at the same time time art is often considered by many as the sand in the machine of society. In the words of the Onlife Initiative: if the concept on which we build our society changes due to an increasingly hybrid world – the ‘infosphere' in Floridi’s words - we need to rethink the concept. Above all, what is needed is the powerful instrument of imagination since the development of technology and iot threatens to bring the focus primarily to the rational, the calculative. Technology can never be the only answer; in particular where it concerns our built environment. After discussing Ethics and Privacy last year we now focus on what should be the major topics in life; a life, in a - built - environment that cannot be controlled by technology only.
Rob van Kranenburg - introduction
Yvonne Droge Wendel - Rietveld Academy ‘Relational Thingness’
Usman Haque - Thingful (via Skype) ‘The art of technological imagination’ (prel.)
Ben van Lier - Centric ‘The art of securing interconnected things’
Michela Magas - Stromatolite (via Skype) ‘Sound & the IoT’ (prel.)
Florian Hellwig - Urland Performance Theatre ‘Create Reality’
Frans Vogelaar & Elizabeth Sikiaridi - hybridspacelab Berlin ‘NatureTecture’
Delfina Fantini van Ditmar - RCA ‘The idIoT Proposition’ 

moderator: Leon van Geest
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