A Crash Course in Art & Media Technology - Media Art x Filmmaking

There are 4 events in this year's crash course in Art & Media Technology. You can join us at V2_ or watch the events online.

Nov 2021
19:00 to 22:00

Are you unfamiliar with the field of media art but interested in the impact of media technologies on society? Are you a student or young professional working in art, design or engineering who’s curious about how these fields meet? Then this crash course is for you!

Media Art x Filmmaking

The medium of film was once considered a groundbreaking new media technology, and it therefore lies at the heart of what we now call media art. Although the art of filmmaking tends to be associated today with content produced in Hollywood and streamed on Netflix, and the new media landscape has changed the way we consume video, filmmakers continue to borrow the techniques of media art to push the boundaries of what filmmaking can be. In this fourth unit of the Crash Course, we focus on how their experimentation is bringing innovations like nonlinear storytelling and interactivity to the art of filmmaking.

Crash Course Dates

October 12 - Media Art x Painting
October 19 - Media Art x Sculpture
November 2 - Media Art x Photography
November 16 - Media Art x Filmmaking




- Combiticket to join all four events at V2
- Combiticket to join all four events online
- Single event tickets (V2_ & Online)

If you buy a ticket to join us online you will receive the link to join us one day before the event. If you join us at V2_ you will be asked to show your Coronapas at the door.

A Crash Course in Art & Media Technology

With society increasingly shaped by media technologies, it’s important that more people actively join in the public debate around those technologies. Art has the potential to invite a wider audience into that debate and offer it new perspectives. To facilitate this, V2_Lab for the Unstable Media provides the annual Crash Course in Art & Media Technology. In the upcoming third season of the course, we’ll turn our focus to the places where media art and the visual arts intersect. In four connected modules, we’ll cover the impact media art has had on painting, sculpture, photography, and filmmaking.
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