A Crash Course in Art & Media Technology

An annual series of events specifically curated to introduce the exciting crossover domain between art, technology, science, and society to those not yet familiar with it. This year, the Crash Course in Art & Media Technology will focus on media art's relation to music, dance, theater, and performance art.

Are you unfamiliar with the field of media art but interested in how media technologies impact society? Are you a student or young professional working in art, design, dance, theater, music or engineering who’s curious about how these fields cross? Then this Crash Course is for you.

In this fourth season of the course, we’ll turn our focus to areas of crossover between media art and the performing arts. In four sessions, we’ll look at how artistic research into media technologies has affected dance, theater, music and performance art.

V2_ team members, contemporary artists and other experts working in these fields will break down how they intersect with media art, making them understandable and accessible to everyone and covering their history, present and possible futures.



Doors open at 19h, evening starts at 19.30h. If you join us online you will receive a link on the day of the event. Get your ticket for all four events (at V2_ or online) or this single event here.

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