A Crash Course: Media Art X Music

An annual series of events specifically curated to introduce the exciting crossover domain between art, technology, science, and society to those not yet familiar with it. This year, the Crash Course in Art & Media Technology will focus on media art's relation to music, dance, theater, and performance art.

Oct 2022
19:00 to 22:00

Developments in music are inextricably tied to technological innovation, whether one is creating and recording music or performing and consuming it. From the analog to the digital era, the domain of media art has been a safe haven for musicians and sound artists to innovate the ways in which music can be recorded, produced, stored and disseminated. In this edition of the Crash Course, we will specifically explore how the domain gave the conceptual room to challenge the notion of ‘liveness’. For instance by facilitating experiments with virtual performers, live coding, computer generated music or live-stream concerts.


Doors open at 19h, evening starts at 19.30h. If you join us online you will receive a link on the day of the event. Get yout ticket for all four events (at V2_ or online) or this single event here.


Femke Vandenberg
Femke Vandenberg is a cultural sociologist at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. In her research, she is interested in the role of music in society. She has recently published on the audience experience of live (digitally mediated) music and its potential in generating feelings of collectivity.

Chagall puts a beating heart in music & technology. She sings, composes, dances, programs, experiments and paves her way through everything that is human. Captivating, playful and intimate; every performance by Chagall is a spectacular audio-visual experience that inspires and connects.

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