AI4Future Days in Barcelona (Espronceda / Lemongrass)

The third part of the AI4Future Days, taking place at Espronceda/Lemongrass, Barcelona (ES). The events can also be visited online.

Jun 2021
Jun 2021
18:00 to 08:55

AI for Sustainability and Inclusive Gamification by Espronceda | Lemongrass

Artificial intelligence as a creative agent and as a disruptive changemaker factor. Using gamification strategies and creative artificial intelligence to generate experiences and new worlds in order to engage citizens. Creating new rules more in line with contemporary values of social justice and ecology. Could AI (contribute to) develop a social consciousness?

  • 3 June 18:00h
    A panel with Ramon Sanguessa | Researcher AI + Art @ UPC, Director of Artificia.pro Festival; Refik Anadol | Creative AI Artist; Eva Jager | Digital curator @ Serpentine Galleries
  • 4 June 18:00h
    A panel with Pau Alsina | Researcher in Art, Science and Technology. Director of ArtNodes Magazine;  Danielle Siembieda, Bio Artist and Creative Director of Leonardo/ISAST; Francisco Bernardo | Computer scientist @ Sussex University focused on HCI and multi-instrumentalist


AI4FUTURE is an international network of urban labs where artists and young activists cooperate to create awareness through the use of Artificial Intelligence to serve the community. It consists of a team of skilled organizations working on cross-fertilization projects at the intersection of digital culture and social challenges such as project leader Sineglossa, an Italian cultural ecosystem that shapes new sustainable development models in response to global challenges by applying the processes of contemporary art; Espronceda/Lemongrass, a Barcelona-based institute of art and culture; V2_Lab for the Unstable Media; MEET Digital Culture Center, the international center for digital culture and creative technology based in Milan and associated partner Sardegna Teatro, a Sardinian leading performing arts organization.


The AI4FUTURE DAYS are made possible thanks to financial support from the Creative Europe Programma of the EUCreative Industries Fund NL and the City of Rotterdam.

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