AI4Future Days - Post Pandemic Mobility

The AI4Future programme kicks off with the AI4Future Days, a round of inspirational events, panels and workshops held both remotely and in presence (in consideration of Covid restrictions). The programme starts in April and ends in June 2021.

Apr 2021
Apr 2021
18:00 to 21:00
location: Online, MEET Italy

The first events of the AI4Future days are organized by project partner MEET Digital Culture Center, Italy.

MEET Digital Culture Center - Post Pandemic Mobility

The pandemic has our changed mobility, reducing physical mobility and improving digital mobility, moreover it has led, for many, to what has started to be defined as "pandemic fatigue". 

MEET will explore the physical, the digital and the mental mobility, boosting sustainable and inclusive perspectives allowed by AI.

15 April 18h

A panel talk with Giulia Beccarin | MIPU Predictive HUB; Paolo Benanti | Pontificia Università Gregoriana; Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico | HER/Nuovo Abitare; Federico Parolotto | MiC – Mobility in Chain.

16 April 15h

A workshop by Emilio Vavarella, awarded Italian artist and researcher in Film and Visual Studies and Critical Media Practice at Harvard University

16 April 18h

A Meet the Media Guru event featuring Jeffrey Schnapp (metaLAB (at) Harvard)


Get your tickets for this (free) online event here. For the workshop sign up here.


AI4FUTURE is an international network of urban labs where artists and young activists cooperate to create awareness through the use of Artificial Intelligence to serve the community. It consists of a team of skilled organizations working on cross-fertilization projects at the intersection of digital culture and social challenges such as project leader Sineglossa, an Italian cultural ecosystem that shapes new sustainable development models in response to global challenges by applying the processes of contemporary art; Espronceda/Lemongrass, a Barcelona-based institute of art and culture; V2_Lab for the Unstable Media; MEET Digital Culture Center, the international center for digital culture and creative technology based in Milan and associated partner Sardegna Teatro, a Sardinian leading performing arts organization.

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