AI4FUTURE Meetup: The Artist In Residency Call & Slow Reading

V2_ is a part of the consortium AI4FUTURE, an international network of urban labs which looks critically and creatively at the use of Artificial Intelligence. Supported by Creative Europe, the project specifically examines AI and gender inequality.

Sep 2021
18:00 to 20:00

As a part of this collaborative and ongoing research, V2_ will be launching a funded artist in residency running from January 2022 until June 2022.

Are you interested in applying for the residency and want to know more? Join us for this informal meet-up with drinks and snacks. We will be talking about the residency and answering any questions you have regarding the thematics, structure, and other European partners involved.  

We will also be featuring some of the previous work done within the context of AI4FUTURE. The Slow Readers will present their online archive of activities. Over a period of six months, the Slow Readers met weekly to read a range of texts using different methodologies. Rather than working from the perspective of urgency and speed, they slowed down, navigated entanglement, mapped keywords, and interrogated givens in order to immerse themselves in the quagmire of issues surrounding AI.

In true slow reading fashion, we invite you to come with one short AI related quote, book, or news story in hand. Perhaps something you read or saw over the summer which struck you. We will read these lines aloud during the celebratory snacks and drinks, creating a seance of fragmentary thoughts from others not present.

To visit the AI4FUTURE project page click here.


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