The Evening of Fuller and McLuhan

A performance based on the ideas of the legendary thinkers Buckminster Fuller and Marshall McLuhan, by Van den Hil / Zipson / Franzen / Debackere.

The Evening of Fuller and McLuhan

Buckminster Fuller

May 2014
18:00 to 20:00
location: Arminius, Rotterdam

The ideas of Buckminster Fuller and Marshall McLuhan have had an enormous influence on how we think about the future and our place in a technological world. Through a theatrical reproduction of historical lectures some of their key concepts are projected in the now.

Buckminster Fuller is hard to classify. He is either engineer or architect or inventor or discoverer or geographer or mathematician or all of these. He was born in another century, and it seems clear that he is working on ideas which relate to the next century. In his own words, one could say he is a ‘Comprehensive Man’.

Television is cool and radio is hot, that’s the message, and the medium is Marshall McLuhan. Like most of McLuhan's writing, his statements are pithy, apparently simple and provocative to the point of being outrageous. Marshall McLuhan studies the media as a way of understanding what makes us live the way we do. He is concerned with all media but he is best known as the prophet of the electronic revolution.

Buckminster Fuller: Ravian van den Hil
Marshall McLuhan: Allan Zipson

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