The Evening of r0g_agency

Welcome to r0g _ the agency for open culture and critical transformation!

May 2022
20:00 to 22:30

“It always seems impossible until it's done.”
Nelson Mandela

--> You can visit this event at V2_ or watch it online, tickets are 4 EUR and can be purchased here: https://v2unstable.stager.nl/web/tickets/111171930

Welcome to r0g _ the agency for open culture and critical transformation! Taking our cues from an urgent need to act different in a complex, increasingly proprietary, and authoritarian world, r0g_ takes on the struggles of freedom and openness faced by post-conflict and transformation regions.  At the intersections of open source, art, design and technical hacktivism our work addresses means to counter online incitement to violence, developing information systems to stem irregular migration, support freedom of speech and enabling access to skills and knowledge - especially where they may be hindered by political or socio-economic roadblocks. As a nonprofit organisation dedicated to partnering with local grassroots organizations and governments actively seeking the empowerment of their citizens, the Evening of r0g_ is a performative and interactive rendezvous highlighting how open technologies and peacebuilding can be fused to create new forms of social enterprise!



Susanne Bellinghausen (Germany)
Jaiksana Jackson Soro (South Sudan)
Heike Bluthardt (Netherlands)
Wolfgang Spahn (Germany)
and the the r0g_agency team

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