Augmented Reality Ecosystem

An afternoon on Augmented Reality in which we experienced and discussed the emerging ecosystem around Augmented Reality in the Netherlands and beyond.

Augmented Reality Ecosystem

Invitation eFlyer for AR Ecosystem event

Dec 2009
12:00 to 17:00
location: Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

This Augmented Reality expert meeting brought together the (emerging) ecosystem around Augmented Reality in the Netherlands and beyond in the following sectors:

  • public/governmental
  • technology
  • commercial
  • education
  • culture & heritage
  • artists

The participants experienced a small number of AR applications but the goal of the program was to have personal interactions and start a dialogue around how this "new" medium - which is expected to have mass impact on society in the near future - might develop and how useful collaborations between the sectors can evolve.

Augmented Reality Ecosystem is part of the MultimediaN research program.


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You will not often get the chance to be so involved during a "conference". We will give you the speakers & their presentations; and then we will give the stage to you, the audience. All the speakers will participate in the break-out, discussion & feedback sessions so that we hopefully create a real level-ground of insights & inspiration and project our AR ideas into the future.

If you are new to AR you will be informed and inspired by our invited guests and exhibiting artists and asked to share your on-the-spot ideas around this "new" technology. 

Those already active in AR will have the chance to hear AR perspectives first-hand from two of the main players (Layar and Wikitude); and gain new ones from Strategic Labs in Berlin on "The AR Citzen" and ItFits on Fashion & Wearable AR who also review the event for PSFK trend platform. There may also be a couple of Skype contributions if time (zones) allows, and you can meet AR+RFID Lab from Den Hague. We then invite you to spread your knowledge & ideas on AR around the room to stimulate collaboration, future working groups and / or strategic partnerships.

You will be involved from the moment you enter the building, so please aim to be there at 13:00!

V2_ AR Ecosystem Program Outline

  • 13:00 Welcome & ARegistration & ARtworks
  • 13.30 V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media: Introduction to V2_ AR Ecosystem
  • 13.45 Presentations
    • Claire Boonstra (Co-Founder at Layar, Amsterdam)
    • Truus Dokter (ItFits / PFKD)
    • Christina Rittchen (Director at Mobilizy / Wikitude, Salzburg),
    • Willi Schroll (Owner at Strategic Labs, Berlin)
    • Plus: Surprise Skype contributions if time zones & diaries allow
  • 14.45 dReAming the future together: 
  • Break-out session in ecosystem niches; with participation from speakers & host team
  • (Coffee)
  • 15.30 Panel of dReAms: Feedback from speakers, discussions, questions on YOUR ideas
  • 16.30 Portal to dReAms: Inspiration for the Future of AR 
  • 16.45 Break: AR Cocktails for Her & Him 
  • 17.00 Projecting the dReAms: Into collaboration & strategic partnerships 
  • 17.30 Final Harvest Panel: Invited guests, hosts & audience
  • 18.15 Drinks 
  • 19.00 Leave the building / go on to a nearby bar for after-drinks for those who wish

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