AR visions in the (far) future

V2_'s fourth AR expert meeting was held in preparation for the Art Exhibit that V2_ is organizing during the ISMAR 2011 conference in Basel.

AR visions in the (far) future

brainstorming session

Jun 2011
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

V2_ is organizing the Art Exhibit during the ISMAR 2011 conference in Basel.

Part of this preparation was a small expert meeting (instead of a bigger AR Ecosystem event) on June 9. At this expert meeting the main goal was to "go crazy", thinking about visions that AR could bring to the world in the (far) future, not limited by current technical limitations.

This meeting brought together a handful of people, i.e. organizers of ISMAR, some of 'our' artists, as well as some more commercially oriented people.

As a results of this meeting, one plan was made to distill concrete scenarios out of these futuristic visions and get film students or the like to create short videos based on those, with the intent to show these videos during the ISMAR art exhibit. Our expectation is that they can stir up the (rusty) debate in the ISMAR community to break out of their (technical) bounds. Of course after that they will go viral on the net ;)


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