Architecture and Media

A program about architecture and media, part of DEAF96.

Sep 1996
12:00 to 15:00
location: Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 133

This program includes a series of presentations and interviews with artists, architects and designers, who are involved in the creation of interfaces between electronic networks and urban environments. Most of the speakers are participating in DEAF96 with special projects at different locations in the city of Rotterdam. The program offers an opportunity for a dialogue between the artists and the visitors of DEAF96 about the individual projects, and about the concepts and theories that underlie the different projects and connect them to the theme of the festival: Digital Territories.

The general topics of the presentations include: the mutual articulation of digital and material territories, the designing of 'intelligent' virtual architecture and the representation of civic communication and urban culture in navigable virtual environments.

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