Art de Presence

A collective manifestation by artist collectives from Den Bosch, included a sonified bus tour to the different locations.

Art de Presence

LP cover from the later release of the audio recordings

Aug 1989
location: V2, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

Some artists initiatives from s'Hertogenbosch organized a collective presentation. One could visit the different locations by bus. The bus was specially "prepared" by Rik Delhaas (Pagan L): all mechanical parts of the bus (breaks, gears..) were amplified inside the bus. At V2_ two installations were presented Tsirpen en Welzijn by Felix Hess and If you watch by Ivo van Stiphout. Later, a 7'' record was released with recordings from the bus, and reaction to it by soundpoetry artist Pierre-André Arcand and Pagan L: Wastage Speed Motion (1990).


Verschillende locaties werden bezocht met de bus, voorbereid door Rik Delhaas (Pagan L): alle mechanische onderdelen van de bus waren versterkt binnen de bus waardoor een extreme herrie ontstond!

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