Dick Raaijmakers Event

Two days with and about Dick Raaijmakers. The first part of this event focused on "Art Education and Media Integration" while the next day focused on his composition "Intona."

Dick Raaijmakers Event

Dick Raaijmakers

Oct 1992
Oct 1992
17:00 to 22:30
location: V2, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

Dick Raaijmakers organized a two-day meeting on art education and new media. First, he presented a series of projects in which he was directly or indirectly involved; most projects took place at the CAM, a department of the conservatory in The Hague. Raaijmakers then elaborated on education in the context of new media; for this presentation, he invited several fellow lecturers from the CAM, including Frans Evers.


Program 16 October: Art Education and Media Intergration

Good Food served by Berend Jan-Sterker

Art Education and Media Integration: with an introduction by Frans Evers

Book Three: Dick Raaijmakers on composing and John Cage 

Image and Sound Education: students' presentations

Music theater: projects presented and introduced by Paul Koek and Jan Zoet, together with Dick Raaijmakers. One of the presented pieces Die Glückliche Hand - geöffnet is a contemporary poly-theatrical analysis of Arnold Schönberg's Die Glückliche Hand (1912).

Soundwalk: a performance for video and soundinstallation by Kasper van der Horst and Dick Raaijmakers.


Program 17 October: Intona

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